Tinkering Camp Session 1

Monday, June, 11 10:00am - 3:00pm
Instructor: Alexandra I


MakerPoint Tinkering Camp

11 – 15 June, 2018                                         18 – 22 June, 2018


Tinkering Camp is an innovative program inspired by the Tinkering School Gever Tulley set up in the Bay area, where kids learn that they are “more capable than they know, and to prove it, we give them real tools to solve real problems. By learning through doing, we strive to make mistakes and learn from them, collaborate and make friends, and try harder than usual.”

Tinkering Camp is a one-week program held at MakerPoint Studios. We invite kids aged 10 to 18 to join us in building something bigger than themselves, while learning about teamwork and hand tools. We hope to be able to display the completed project in the 4th of July parade.

The Tinkering Camp will have 2 sessions. The first session will run :

Monday through Friday, 10 am to 3 pm, June 11 to June 15.

The second session will run :

Monday through Friday, 10 am to 3 pm, June 18 to June 22.

The days will be structured into planning sessions, lunch, classes, and tinkering, under the careful watch of highly trained instructors and teaching assistants.

Monday - We will be spending the first day of camp with a tour of the shop, safety instructions, and a creative session during which the kids will decide on their project. Based on the project idea, we will be forming teams that can tackle smaller areas of the common project, to make sure we can finish it by the end of the week; after lunch, we will decide on tasks, sketch out plans, and get to tinkering!

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – build/make/learn, assess the progress and adjust as needed to finish the build. As possible, we will be holding classes to teach our students how to use the other tools in the shop (like our Laser Cutter-Engraver, and 3D printers) to add details to the build.

Friday – put the finishing touches on our project. We will be asking all our students to talk about how Tinkering Camp helped/taught/affected them, and their creative plans for the future.

Students will have the chance to learn about angles and triangles, levels and fulcrums, sheer and torsion, tension and compression, gravity and forces, kinetic and potential energy, graceful degradation, catastrophic failure, static vs. dynamic load, stress vs. strain, and so much more!

By testing the presumed limits of children’s capabilities, we enable them to discover that limits are fabricated personal borders that depend on highly subjective variables. Our goal is to show our students a glimpse of a future to which each of them can contribute something unique.

$249 per session includes a camp t-shirt, building materials, use of tools, instruction, classes, and guidance. Partial scholarships will be available through our partnership with TING (the high speed internet provider).

You are paying a non-refundable, registration fee of $50. Scholarships will be awarded May 30th upon completion of the interview process. To apply for scholarships, please email us for details after you register. 



Sign up now! we have a total of 15 seats available!


Please send and email to contact@makerpointstudios.com if you are still interested in taking the class. We'll let you now when we schedule another session.

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