The news we've all been waiting for...

It’s been an amazing month here at MakerPoint Studios.  Since the announcement of the shop closing we’ve been amazed with our members and the community coming out to work to keep the business going.  We’re humbled to say the least.  With that being said, we have some very exciting news. 

Tuesday, we will be opening up and working to transition MakerPoint Studios to a group of our dedicated members.  While we don’t have the full details to share at this time, the short of it is that MakerPoint Studios will be continuing operation going forward.  More communication will follow shortly.

Mike and Matt are going to work with the new group to pass on the knowledge and help to ensure a smooth transition of the shop over the next few weeks.  We couldn’t have found a better path for our members and the community.  This was a herculean effort that was crafted in a short period of time by a number of dedicated individuals.

Matt & Mike

We’d like to introduce you to the group who will be taking over going forward with the help of our entire membership community.

Greetings all,

Over the last month, a group of extremely passionate, creative, and dedicated MakerPoint Studios members committed themselves to the continued success of MakerPoint Studios.  This group formed what we know as the MakerPoint Co-Op, a not-for-profit MakerPoint Studios driven to maintain the core principles that Mike and Matt instilled three years ago.  As a not-for-profit, MakerPoint Studios will be operated by the Co-Op who will volunteer their time, experience, and expertise to develop and grow MakerPoint Studios with our members’ help.

Our intention is not to change MakerPoint Studios as you all know it, but rather expand the core fundamentals set out by Mike and Matt to include; structured youth offerings, community recreational education, additional class offerings, and directly incorporating member feedback. 

MakerPoint Studios will maintain its current schedule of Tuesday through Friday through the first half of October while Mike and Matt walk us through this transition period.  We are hoping that you will all continue to support MakerPoint Studios and the Co-Op in the near future by renewing your membership on October 3rd.  We will have more news and details to share over the weekend which will include an open-house, reduced membership cost for October, and a grand re-opening October 17th.

Thank you for your continued support and if you have any questions, please let us know. 


MakerPoint Co-Op
Alex, Henry, Jon, Andrew, Will, Tony, Staci, Diana, Brian, Krista, Steve, and Jason.