Introduction to woodworking (custom cutting boards) 9/18

Tuesday, September, 18 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Instructor: James and Marie

Mig Welding

Love gorgeous, high-end hand-made kitchen accessories? Want to experience the joy of a pro-grade woodshop? This the perfect class for you! In a fun one session class you’ll design AND build your own gorgeous hardwood cutting board set! Learn how we use the jointer, planer and tablesaw to surface and prep raw lumber. Design your own boards with as much simplicity or complexity as you like! Lastly, enjoy the art of finishing your boards hands-on with planers, sanders and other tools. This class gives you a truly pro-grade experience AND you leave with your own hand-made cutting board set!

Space is limited to 4 participants. We will close registration once we hit this number.

* includes a selection of hardwood for an approx 18x12” cutting board.

 We've partnered with Sandpoint Parks and Rec on this class. To sign up, please visit the Sandpoint Parks and Rec Page.  As an alternative, the classes can be signed up for at the Parks and Recreation building in Sandpoint at 1123 Lake Street.


Please send and email to if you are still interested in taking the class. We'll let you now when we schedule another session.

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