The Endless Possibilities of the Epilog Laser Engraver

The Epilog 50 watt laser engraver is one of the most popular tools in the shop, and often times one of the first tools members use.

If you have a digital design, image, or text that you want to either engrave cut out of a material, the laser may just be your go-to tool. Wood, acrylic, paper, glass, and cloth can all be laser-cut and laser-etched to great effect.

Just what sorts of things can be done on the laser? Check out some of the things our amazing members have made:

Staci’s Leather Creations : Staci uses a wonderful mix of dyed leather and Adobe Illustrator skills to make very unique leather cuffs and accessories. 


ToneDevil Guitar Inlays:  The ToneDevil brothers use the laser to inlay mother of pearl into their hardwood necks.


Block Printing:  The laser engraver is an easy way to make a hardwood block print stamp... bunnies and all.  


Dylan's Acrylic Parts:  Member Dylan makes all sorts of parts and pieces out of acrylic on the laser engraver.  It can cut up to 1/4" thick acrylic, and can engrave on any thickness. 

iPads/iPhones/Laptops: The laser does a great job of safely engraving a wide variety of electronics.

Laser Engraved Maps: We make a 3D lake map of Lake Pend Orielle, Lake Coeur d' Alene and Priest Lake here in the studio.  We love the fine detail the laser engraver is capable of.