NEW Laguna Laser cutter and engraver!

Big fun at MakerPoint Studios

We're very excited to announce the arrival of our new Laguna Laser SD 52x36" laser cutter!  This is a HUGE (pun intended) addition to our members toolset.  We've been very lucky to have an Epilog Helix 24x18 since we opened, but it was time to get a larger format and more power.  Here are some questions we are already being asked.

  • Can members use this laser?
    Of course.  All of our tools are for members to use.  We have over $300k in tools and software! As we continue to grow, members are the benifacators of that growth!

  • What kinds of material can this cut and engrave?
    This machine can cut and engrave the same material that our Epilog can but it can cut thicker material and has the larger surface for engraving.  Some of the materials are listed below.  

    - Wood
    - Plexiglass
    - Leather
    - Paper (think wedding invitations)
    - Fabric
    - and more...

    - All materials above plus...
    - Glass
    - Metal Inking
    - Mirrors
    - and more...

  • What is the size?
    Laguna states the machine is 52x36 inches, but our actual measurements are 51x35 inches with about a 10-11" drop for the bed to accomodate material.  It's a mammoth of a machine.

  • How powerful is the laser?
    This laser is rated at 150 watts.  To give a comparison, our Epilog is 50 watts.  That is 3 times the power with a larger bed.

  • Is it faster?
    This is a loaded question in that the laser is as fast as you program it.  Our current test show the machine to move at 300mm per second, but this will really depend on your application.  For doing the entire bed length of engraving, we expect it will take more time.  For cutting materials, it will be faster overall.

  • Why Laguna and not Epilog or another brand?
    This was a tough decision for us, but it came down to size.  While Epilog offers a better machine and their machines are made in the USA, the machines they offer aren't nearly as big.  The other US manufacturers are in the same boat for overall bed size.  We have two Laguna products and we were really concerned about having to support another brand in the shop so we stuck with a brand we knew.  This is a new machine and we are one of the first places to own one.  Yes, we're kind of a big deal.

  • Is the software the same?
    Our members know how easy it is to use our machines.  This one is no exception, although it does have new software so there will be a small learning curve when switching from one laser to the other.

  • Does this machine require certification?
    Absolutely.  All MakerPoint Studios machines require certification in order to safely operate the machines.  Full time members have this included in their membership.

  • How do I learn to use this?
    In the coming weeks we will be offering training to our members on operating this machine vs. trying to train one on one.  We still have a few days of testing to get our material settings correct and to ensure the machine instructions are clear.  

We know there are going to be a lot more questions and that's why we're here.  Looking forward to see what our members make on this new and amazing machine!